The Law Offices of Richard L. Welch focuses on serving the needs of individuals and small businesses in Austin and throughout central Texas at a reasonable price. In doing so, we combine the service and friendliness of a small law firm, and through the use of technology, the resources of a much larger law firm to offer its clients services in a timely, efficient manner with superior legal representation. We offer services on matters such as advising clients on legal matters and preparing documents to serve clients’ needs.

Our Document Preparation Services Include: Contracts, Wills and Estate related documents, Trusts, Leases, Pre-marital Agreements, Business Sales, Construction related documents, Partnership Agreements, Corporate Formation Documents, Deeds, Notes, Deeds of Trust, Easements.

We Advise Clients on: Resolving disputes without litigation, real estate matters, small business matters, Family Law Matters, Contract negotiation, Estate Matters.

Contact us by phone at 512-231-8181, or by email at richard@richardlwelch.com